Friday, 13 November 2009

Oh...fickle knitter

No sooner have I blogged about my obsession with a new Ysolda pattern, than another one arrives and now I want to knit that one as well.

The Scroll Lace Scarf/shawlette looks really beautiful and, at just 1 skein of sport/sock weight is much more achievable given my 'no new yarn until Christmas' vow.

Strangely enough, I didn't like the look of this shawl at all when it was featured in Yarn Forward. It may have been the colour it was knit in or the way it was styled, but I love the way people have pictured it in Ravelry - being wrapped around the neck like a scarf, rather than draped across the shoulders - shawl style.

Still, I have my finished shawl to gloat over and I'm desperately trying to keep startitis at bay - for the time being anyway!

Thursday, 5 November 2009


What is it about some knits that make us want to drop everything and cast on immediately?

My Christmas sock knitting is pretty boring (and that might have something to do with it) but ever since Ysolda's latest pattern from Whimsical Little Knits 2, hit my inbox I've been obsessed with casting on for it.

The Peaks Island Hood is an ingenious scarf/hood which can be worn a number of ways and features a couple of cute buttons too - ticks all the boxes so far. The only problem is that is calls for a particular type of worsted weight mohair/wool yarn and I don't have anything remotely suitable in my stash. I have plenty of aran weight yarn but it is all quite heavy and smooth - nothing that will give me that lovely fuzzy halo effect.

I have some NDS Caress Aran but sadly, nowhere near enough yardage, and I've learnt my lesson on that one.

Due to my recent stash buying excesses there's no way I can justify buying more yarn, especially this close to Christmas. Not sure that my boys would admire my yarn stash under the Christmas tree instead of eagerly anticipated presents.

No amount of stash searching will yield the required amount of aran-weight yarn so I shall have to give up and get back to my sock knitting - must resist - must resist...