About me

I am a thirty-something mother of two boys and I live with my lovely husband in a rural part of Essex. I have been knitting for several years now and it has become a real passion - some may say an obsession. I dabble in a little crochet (not very well) and am attempting to learn to spin, having inherited an Ashford spinning wheel, but knitting is my first love.

I am addicted to sock knitting but also love to knit shawls, scarves and garments for me. I often knit for friend's babies but I draw the line at knitting for my own two boys as they are real boys and would happily trash my carefully handknitted items for them whilst playing in their garden den.

During the day I work in the NHS but by night I dream of giving it all up and having a small-holding with my very own fibre-bearing flock of course. We can but dream...

I knit to relax, to be creative (something sadly lacking from my 'day job'), to be surrounded by beautiful things and to enjoy some peaceful crafty time. Having said that I will knit anywhere and everywhere - no place is safe from the needles.