Wednesday, 2 April 2014

WIP Wednesday: Spring KAL

Over on my Ravelry group I am hosting a Spring KAL. A fun relaxed KAL with very few rules and lots of happy spring-like knitting.
It doesn't need to be one of my patterns, it can be socks, shawls, mitts, even a full scale sweater if you have the stamina.

Just cast on anytime from now onwards and finish before May 30th. Post your cast on post and project pictures over in the group thread to qualify for one of the three prizes and tag your project with #springiscoming.

You can also join in on Instagram with the hashtag #springKAL

As for my spring project. I have chosen a Hitchhiker in some beautiful yarn from the Golden Skein..
A delicious blend of wool and bamboo, nothing says spring to me more than these vibrant yellows and greens.

Happy days.


  1. That is lovely. I am so tempted to sign up this quarter's Golden Skein, but I just can't justify it to myself - what if I don't like the yarn as much as I think I will, or it's the wrong base for what I'm looking for etc. I will probably end up picking up an odd skein at the higher price at the end of the quarter like I did this time if there is anything I'm desparate for, but it is still soooooo tempting (as an early birthday gift to myself perhaps..... hmmm)

    1. I'm probably biased but I've yet to be disappointed by any of the yarns. Sometimes they aren't colours I would have chosen - like the yarn for this Hitchhiker but sometimes that's a good thing as I can be quite conservative when it comes to colour choices. I think they do a monthly payment scheme too if that helps...?