Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lilac cloud

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Baby knitting seems to be a bit like buses - nothing for ages then three come along at once.
This is another cute free pattern that I came across on Ravelry. I found some Stylecraft Luxury Merino dk in my stash which worked really well with the pattern and gave a nice drape. The pattern does say this will fit a 1-2 yr old and it is a bit on the large side for a newborn baby but heck - she will grow into it.
Having said that, it was such a fun, quick project that I'm thinking I might make one in 4ply yarn and go for a smaller size.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Baby knitting

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Taking a break from the sock projects, I had time to whip up a couple of quick baby knits. This cute little pattern worked up in no time - Hello Baby from the wonderful Spud & Chloe blog. Why is it, that as knitters, we feel compelled to knit for every new arrival even if it means dropping all other projects to get it finished in time. An assistant at my son's school is expecting her first baby and as she had been so helpful with my two sons, I wanted to be able to gift her something small and cute to say thank you.

The yarn is Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran, which in hindside was slightly too heavy for the pattern - maybe I should have done it on 5.5mm needles rather than 5mm. The fabric is OK but a little on the heavy side - with not as much drape as I would have liked. Still, it meets the cute criteria and hopefully she will like it.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Not a pair of socks

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Instead I am proud to present my very own 'Ta-da' moment a la Lucy of Attic 24 fame. I used her wonderful Ripple tutorial to finally master the art of the ripple blanket and I am so proud of myself. Crochet and I haven't always seen eye to eye but her step by step tutorial is spot on and tells you everything you need to know including photo's of exactly which loop that darned hook needs to go through.

The socks are still progressing nicely. I can't believe that I am almost half-way through the A-Z challenge and still keeping up.

I did run a critical eye over my WIPs though and a few were frogged. A Maile cardigan that I cast on for and then lost interest in and my Japanese Garden Shawl which I was desolated to realise I had made a crucial error in the set-up row. I only noticed it after knitting about two-thirds of it but it made such a difference to the overall appearance that I decided to frog it.

Never mind, my WIPs are reduced in number,my knitting basket (ahem, corner) looks slightly tidier and I can think about casting on for some lovely new projects.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Holiday Knitting

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You probably guessed, due to my absence of late that like many of us Brits, I have been taking advantage of the two 4-day weekends and the unseasonably glorious weather. A truely wonderful holiday was had by all, and the memories will sustain me during the horrible wet weather which is sure to arrive when summer should be here.

What is it about holiday knitting? For some reason I pack enough yarn to keep a couple of dedicated knitters in business for a fortnight. I have visions of myself lounging around with a cup of coffee/glass of wine, churning out the handknits. The reality is somewhat different - hours spent on a muddy riverbank watching small boys throw stones - this can occupy many (many) hours - and an equal number of hours spent cajoling said small people into walking up yet another mountain. Hint - jelly beans work very well for motivation.

I had great plans for my holiday knitting but suffice to say that I managed to finish 1 sock (Hermione's Everyday sock - sock H in the A-Z challenge). The other sock languished until we were home and I was working my way through the washing pile!