Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Holiday Knitting

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You probably guessed, due to my absence of late that like many of us Brits, I have been taking advantage of the two 4-day weekends and the unseasonably glorious weather. A truely wonderful holiday was had by all, and the memories will sustain me during the horrible wet weather which is sure to arrive when summer should be here.

What is it about holiday knitting? For some reason I pack enough yarn to keep a couple of dedicated knitters in business for a fortnight. I have visions of myself lounging around with a cup of coffee/glass of wine, churning out the handknits. The reality is somewhat different - hours spent on a muddy riverbank watching small boys throw stones - this can occupy many (many) hours - and an equal number of hours spent cajoling said small people into walking up yet another mountain. Hint - jelly beans work very well for motivation.

I had great plans for my holiday knitting but suffice to say that I managed to finish 1 sock (Hermione's Everyday sock - sock H in the A-Z challenge). The other sock languished until we were home and I was working my way through the washing pile!

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