Friday, 30 September 2011

Damson disaster

It seems that I am fated never to have a Damson of my very own.

I must have knit at least 3 of these and each time, despite meticulous counting of rows and stitches I am always one or two stitches out at the end of the garter stitch section. This means that the lace portion doesn't line up correctly with the increases in the garter stitch and just looks messy. Of the 3 times I have knit this before, twice I have had to rip/tink back and re-knit the garter stitch section.

This time was no exception. Although I hadn't put a lifeline in. And I had had a glass of wine. And the phone range. And then there was a nasty incident with the cat which I don't want to talk about.

So I started with a ball of yarn and I have ended up with a ball of yarn - hey ho. Back where I started - this is a picture of the skein before I started messing with it - lol.

I really can't face all that garter stitch again though so I have been on the hunt for alternatives. This is particularly lovely - part of the shawl collection by Rose Beck which I have been coveting for ages. I may have to buy the e-book collection though rather than just the one pattern as I love all of her designs.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tuesday Tally Week 4

Well, a Wednesday Tally but never mind.

I am up to 26 now, so slightly behind but in my defence I have several half-completed hexagons in the workbasket too. I am finding it easier to work a few of the first few rounds in a batch and then have a finishing off session with the final rounds 4 and 5. I seem to get in less of a muddle that way, which is always a good thing.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tuesday Tally Week 3

Just dropping in to put up the (belated) weekly total: 21 hexagons done and a little bit of hooky time planned for this afternoon, all being well. The photo was taken a few days ago but hubby has gone to Berlin and taken our decent camera with him so I can only post an older shot I'm afraid.

Been a bit of a mad, busy week over at the Madmum household and all of my free time (such as it is) has been spent on the lovely Warriston sweater. I am doing the yoke part now, having joined on the sleeves so it is at the big, heavy and cumbersome stage but I am determined that when those crisp autumn mornings roll around I will be ready.

In other WIP-news, the Damson shawl for me is no more. A Damson disaster meant that I embraced the frog and it is now back to a ball of yarn. I will go into more detail at a later date but I need to consol myself with a yummy homemade chocolate fudge brownie and some soothing hexagon hooky.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday Tally Week 2

Tuesday Tally Week 2: I am up to 14 hexagons now and very much enjoying the process of making them. More so, I think because I am not putting myself under the pressure of working them on them all the time. I just do one and then put it down and work on something else for a while.
I find that I start to get a funny click in my wrist when I crochet for too long, so it is good for me to take frequent breaks and not get too carried away.

No photo's of hexagons this week, as they look much the same as last week so I thought I would share my share my knitting WIPs.

First up, we have a Damson shawl for me in some lovely sock yarn from Yarn to Knit - my latest sock yarn club acquistion. It is a great wool/bamboo blend with terrific sheen and was definitely destined for something for me, as opposed to a gift:

Then we have a Warriston (also for me) in Shetland Aran . I wanted a warm jumper for walking on cold crisp days and this is just the ticket. It is knitting up really fast and I am longing for the onset of slightly frosty mornings so that I can wrap myself up in this and go for bracing walks. Or maybe, a short walk and then retire to the fire with a hot chocolate!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Flying FOs

I seem to be going through a stage where FOs are flying off the needles. It is very satisfying and a pleasant change to have a few completed things to share with you rather than lots of half-finished odds and ends.

So, in order to ring the changes from an endless procession of hexagons, I present to you my recent FOs:

First we have a little top I finished weeks ago but have only just got around to blocking. The pattern was lovely and very easy to follow and used an amazingly small amount of yarn.

Next up is the Monkey Bread scarf from the very talented Anne Hanson.

It is knit in some lovely Shilasdair Luxury DK from my local LYS and was started back in March. We then had an amazingly hot spring and this was set aside but I always knew I would come back to it as soon as autumn rolled around. No sooner had we had a few chilly evenings and caught sight of blackberries in our hedgerows than it came back out of the stash cupboard. I was already three-quarters of the way through so it was easily finished in a couple of sessions and I absolutely love it. I was considering gifting it to my Mum for Christmas (along with the matching hat) but I like it too much. I may knit another one for her though.

And finally, another Anne Hanson pattern - The Hourglass Throw which was published in Brooklyn Tweed's recent publication - Wool People. This was knit in a gorgeous dark grey (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran) and is intended as a gift for my grandma-in-law who needs to have a minor operation soon,.

Now, off to browse winter sweater patterns for me I think...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday Tally

As part of the Ravelry One-a-Day group we are trying to keep a weekly tally of our progress on our chosen projects. I have no new photos to share today as a small person has moved/hidden/repurposed the little lead that connects the camera to the laptop. I'm sure I will come across it being pressed into service as a lead/whip/rope in a few days time.

The lovely Gingerbreadgirl is hosting a Mr Linky over on her blog and you can see a log of all the participants here - please do go on over and check out all the lovely projects we have one the go.

Tuesday Tally from the Madmum household:

Hexagons: 8
Hexipuffs: 45

I think the Hexagons will slowly catch the Hexipuffs up though as I am slowing up slightly on the Hexipuff production front.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Making Monday

Originally uploaded by l.tilbrook

In an idea shamelessly stolen from others on the One-a-Day CAL/KAL group on Ravelry I shall try to post a weekly update of my official One-a-Day project.

I started on September 1st and after 5 days I have accumulated 7 hexagons - I did a few extra as I needed the practice.

I find that the assembly line approach works best for me. I work the 3 rounds for the centre and then wait until I have a few before I tackle the final 2 rounds. As a crochet novice I find it hard to keep an even tension when I am doing the final hexagon 'points' so doing a few at the same time helps. A few are still a bit wibbly around the edges but overall I am very pleased with them.

In other news: the Hexipuff total has reached 40, although I must admit that the initial enthusiasm has waned a little. I think I may go for a squishy cushion sized project rather than a full on quilt - or I may just leave them in my work basket to play with - both my boys have taken to carrying one with them in a pocket for a little mobile squishing!