Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday Tally Week 2

Tuesday Tally Week 2: I am up to 14 hexagons now and very much enjoying the process of making them. More so, I think because I am not putting myself under the pressure of working them on them all the time. I just do one and then put it down and work on something else for a while.
I find that I start to get a funny click in my wrist when I crochet for too long, so it is good for me to take frequent breaks and not get too carried away.

No photo's of hexagons this week, as they look much the same as last week so I thought I would share my share my knitting WIPs.

First up, we have a Damson shawl for me in some lovely sock yarn from Yarn to Knit - my latest sock yarn club acquistion. It is a great wool/bamboo blend with terrific sheen and was definitely destined for something for me, as opposed to a gift:

Then we have a Warriston (also for me) in Shetland Aran . I wanted a warm jumper for walking on cold crisp days and this is just the ticket. It is knitting up really fast and I am longing for the onset of slightly frosty mornings so that I can wrap myself up in this and go for bracing walks. Or maybe, a short walk and then retire to the fire with a hot chocolate!


  1. Love the colour of your shawl and the jumper is lovely,perfect for those long winter days. Deb xxxx

  2. Your jumper is a gorgeous colour and the detail is lovely.

  3. I just LOVE the colour of your yarn for your shawl - it's absoloute gorgeous! And your jumper looks lovely too :)

  4. Beautiful yarns and I love the idea of a cozy jumper, I just wish the British weather would make up its mind!

  5. Oh I love the jumper :) The pattern and the yarn are gorgeous together.

  6. They are both great, there really isn't anything better than a chilly walk when you know you can get home and curl up with a hot chocolate once it's done!