Monday, 5 September 2011

Making Monday

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In an idea shamelessly stolen from others on the One-a-Day CAL/KAL group on Ravelry I shall try to post a weekly update of my official One-a-Day project.

I started on September 1st and after 5 days I have accumulated 7 hexagons - I did a few extra as I needed the practice.

I find that the assembly line approach works best for me. I work the 3 rounds for the centre and then wait until I have a few before I tackle the final 2 rounds. As a crochet novice I find it hard to keep an even tension when I am doing the final hexagon 'points' so doing a few at the same time helps. A few are still a bit wibbly around the edges but overall I am very pleased with them.

In other news: the Hexipuff total has reached 40, although I must admit that the initial enthusiasm has waned a little. I think I may go for a squishy cushion sized project rather than a full on quilt - or I may just leave them in my work basket to play with - both my boys have taken to carrying one with them in a pocket for a little mobile squishing!


  1. Nice to know you're training your boys well! I've got a bit meh with my kitted sock yarn blanket or cushion cover as I like to call it.

  2. Lovely hexagons and a lovely blog too! :) I've been tempted to have a go at the crochet version of the hexipuff, but I don't think I could keep up the enthusiasm until I had enough for a quilt either!

  3. Yay! We are doing the same project!! Go us :-) I love the hexagon pattern, your colours are really lovely x x