Wednesday, 31 August 2011

One a Day KAL/CAL

Tying in nicely with all the hexapuffing activity going on here recently, this new Ravelry group has been set up by the lovely Gingerbreadgirl to give a lot of like minded souls a place to share their progress on slightly more long-term projects and to try and provide a bit of support when the initial enthusiasm (dare I say it) starts to wane a little.

Obviously my hexipuffing fits into this category but I've been meaning to try a hexagon crochet blanket for ages - following this pattern from Attic24. My recent birthday meant that I had vouchers to spend so I splashed out on some Stylecraft Life DK in an assortment of shades and today I spent a happy hour or so making my first hexagon.

The edges are a bit wibbly but overall I am very happy with it.

My other purchase is very exciting but I will wait for another day to share it with you. It is a sewing machine - yippee.


  1. Nice looking hexagon - you're going hexagon mad!

    Looking forwward to seeing your sewing endeavours.

  2. I know - I have hexagons on the brain at the moment. My cunning plan for my new sewing machine is to learn basic quilting - using - yes you've guessed it (hexagons)