Monday, 15 August 2011


It started out so innocently. A quick peak at this gorgeous inspiring pattern sparked an interest in these cute hexagon motifs. But I closed the laptop and walked away - no harm done.

A few days later my interest was sparked again by a fun Ravelry discussion on the wonderful Knitting Goddess group and I accidentally downloaded the pattern, just to see how those cute motifs were constructed.

Then suddenly a few of these little cuties appeared,

and some more....

Oh dear - they really are remarkably addictive. I must step away from the DPNs and do the bare minium of housework!


  1. Lol!! Step away from the hexipuffs!!! I saw this pattern on another blog, and then had a look at it on Ravelry. It's a gorgeous blanket, but I'm not getting sucked in!! Good luck with yours. :)

  2. I should have taken precautions when reading the blog posts and put an anti-viral mask on. Too late, I have the bug. My DH thinks I have gone mad but is gently humouring me.

  3. Yes, I did exactly the same thing! And a few Hexipuffs later and i'm obsessed with blue sock yarn too! (Quilt will be in blues)

  4. It's addictive isn't it?

    Well I've fallen hook-line and sinker into the Hexipuff knitting. I think I'm almost at 80 puffs and I can't stop. Lol! Everything has gone out the window, except eating, got to keep my energy up for the knitting. x

  5. 80 puffs - now that is impressive. You'll have a quilt sized throw in no time.

  6. I love that you "accidentally" downloaded the pattern! :)