Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Not a pair of socks

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Instead I am proud to present my very own 'Ta-da' moment a la Lucy of Attic 24 fame. I used her wonderful Ripple tutorial to finally master the art of the ripple blanket and I am so proud of myself. Crochet and I haven't always seen eye to eye but her step by step tutorial is spot on and tells you everything you need to know including photo's of exactly which loop that darned hook needs to go through.

The socks are still progressing nicely. I can't believe that I am almost half-way through the A-Z challenge and still keeping up.

I did run a critical eye over my WIPs though and a few were frogged. A Maile cardigan that I cast on for and then lost interest in and my Japanese Garden Shawl which I was desolated to realise I had made a crucial error in the set-up row. I only noticed it after knitting about two-thirds of it but it made such a difference to the overall appearance that I decided to frog it.

Never mind, my WIPs are reduced in number,my knitting basket (ahem, corner) looks slightly tidier and I can think about casting on for some lovely new projects.

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  1. It's a lovely blanket. It was Lucy's tutorials that helped me to finally 'get' crochet after many years of scratching my head.