Sunday, 20 February 2011

D is for Diagonal cross-rib socks

Diagonal cross-rib socks
Originally uploaded by l.tilbrook

I am really pleased with my sock knitting progress so far on the A-Z challenge. I am really enjoying the challenge and the deadline is helping to keep me on track and prevent too much distraction.

If I concentrate fully on the sock I can finish it well before the next letter is due to start and then this gives me a few days to pull out another ongoing project and work on that.

I really must get back to the Abotanicity sweater but I'm at the stage where I need to put all the stitches onto waste yarn and check the fit before starting the lace skirt. For some reason the thought of putting over 350 stitches onto waste yarn and then putting them all back on the needles is putting me off slightly - can't think why (lol).


  1. I do like those. Completely understand how you're put off by the waste yarn and fitting bit of Abotanicity. If you're using KnitPro interchangeable needles, could you use cable connectors and spare cables to make the cord long enough to try it on but still keep the stitches on it?

  2. Oh good point - I never thought of that. I don't have any cable connectors yet but this would be a good excuse to get some. Thank you +++