Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day Two: Skill plus 1UP 2SKCBWDAY2

My new skill for this year would have to be crochet. I am by no means an expert now, but compared to where I was a year ago I am so much more proficient and confident. My previous crochet attempts had been limited to some very wobbly granny squares and practice squares which always seemed to end up triangular, as I managed to lose stitches with each turn.

The credit to my new found skills must go to the amazing Lucy (of Attic24 fame) whose well-written and clear step by step tutorials were just the thing to get me hooked - sorry couldn't resist the pun.
Ripple - first attempt
The Neat Ripple blanket pattern was my first project and by jove, it worked. I was rippling away with the best of them. The project isn't quite finished yet - it started as a stash buster and then I realised how much extra yarn I would need to make more than a dishcloth-sized blanket. But it is growing slowly and I'm very happy with it.

My first official crochet FO is a little circular placemat I made, again following one of Lucy's tutorials. Just a little hooky something to brighten up a dull little windowsill. The circle is a bit wobbly in places but I am very happy with it.
I'm not sure that crochet will replace knitting as my 'go-to' hobby for relaxation and therapy but I found it very enjoyable nevertheless and one day...I will finish that blanket.


  1. The blanket looks really cute.I like it a lot. My mom has been trying to teach me how to crochet for like ever. Every so often I will decide I want to learn she'll sit down and try to teach me and bam we both get frustrated.

  2. Nicely done! You've hit upon one of the big differences between knitting and crochet with your ripple blanket - crochet takes slightly more yarn than knitting. Nevertheless, keep going - you'll be doing more than "rippling with the best of them" before you know it. :)

  3. I spot a theme here! My crochet's the thing that's improved the most over the last year and I also credit Lucy!

  4. Did you find crocheting faster than knitting? I hope to get more into of that one day.

  5. Crochet certainly does seem to be a recurring theme in the day 2 posts. Thank you all for your comments and for stopping by. Crocheted items certainly do grow faster and by using up more yarn also it makes it a great stash-buster in my book :)