Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Well, I didn't do too well on my challenge did I? Three days consecutive blogging and then nothing...zilch. Life just got in the way, nothing major just your run of the mill stuff which somehow conspired to mean I had no free time, and when I did another small person was more than happy to fill it for me.

Whilst I enjoyed taking part in the blogging event it did make me realise that I'm not very good at blogging 'to  order' or at sticking to a schedule. It was interesting to think about topics that I wouldn't normally blog about but to me it did feel a little artifical and not really 'me'. I did enjoy reading the posts of others and I found several new blogs that I'll certainly re-visit.

So I'll revert to my usual semi-random and haphazard postings for now and hopefully you'll stick with me.

1 comment:

  1. semi random and haphazard is just lovely I find. At least for me ;)

    Thanks for the podcast feedback- so nice of you!