Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tempus Fugit

Crikey - where does the time go? Half-term has whizzed by in a blur. Much fun has been had by all but sadly with very little to show on the knitting front.

A visit to the in-laws near Bath was great fun but my choice of holiday/away knitting was a very poor one. I decided to cast on for my L socks - the Lohengrin pattern in some lovely new yarn by Yarnscape - Footsie HT. The pattern is beautiful but has many twisted stitches and requires full concentration at all times. Not what you need when supervising two small boys in a house full of delicate ornaments and art-work.

After that, followed a short family break in the country so all in all, I came back with a grand total of 10 rows of the chart done on the first sock (plus an inch or so of ribbing). I will post a photo when there is a more respectable amount although I am sensing that these are going to be the sort of longer term project that I can pick up whenever I have some real quiet time (probably about once a week the way things are going at the moment).

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