Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Knitting in public

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A rather manic week in the madmum household has meant a lot of knitting in public (or KIP'ing) and very little knitting-in-front-of-the-tv-with-a-cup-of-tea.

The places I have managed to KIP this week include (but are not limited to):
School playground
School hall (waiting for parents evening)
Traffic jam (engine off, I hasten to add)
GP surgery
Waitrose (very long queue)
Sports hall (waiting for two small peeps)
Birthday party (as above)

This week has brought it home to me just how much time I spend ferrying people around, driving to and from work and other appointments and a particularly nasty tailback on the motorway reminded me of the importance of keeping knitting about my person at all times.

Such mobile knitting has pros and cons though. I need a simple project that I can just grab and go - hence the finished blanket. Unfortunately that means that the complicated sock pattern I am working on and which is destined for my father-in-laws Christmas present is no further forward than it was a week ago.

Still, hubby is out tonight with work colleagues so I have the TV remote control, boys on their way to bed and a mug of tea ready for some cosy knitting-in-private!


  1. Good for you. My KIPing project is now too big to take out, I really need another. Lovely blanket :)

  2. My thoughts exactly. Probably explains why many of my blankets stay as WIPs :) Thank you for the very kind comment.