Friday, 1 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy #3

Much hard work in the Madmum household this week, with an early spring clean and a bedroom move for my two boys - moving them into the bigger spare bedroom (along with all - yes all- of their toys). No more Lego mountains in the living room - well, that's my grand plan anyway.

So my happy things this week:
  1. An afternoon off work, hot coffee, knitting and Downton Abbey re-runs
  2. Decluttering my stash and reducing two big, unruly shelves of yarn to 4 orderly plastic crates
  3. Digging out some of the aforementioned stash and ... horrors... actually casting on with it - The Infinitude Scarf pattern since you ask.
  1. Bright blue sunny skies today, and small snowdrops peeping up in the garden.

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