Sunday, 24 July 2011

O is for 'Oh no!'

I seem to be experiencing my first ever bout of RSI which has meant that the sock knitting A-Z challenge has rather ground to a halt. I have been having some aches in my wrists and hands at work (I do a lot of keyboard and mouse-work) but of course, never did anything about it. Anyway things got much worse last week although fortunately I had a few days off work and was able to rest.
My 2.5mm circular needles though were agony to use and so I had to spend a day or two Not Knitting - horror. I did some physio exercises and things settled down a little but anything smaller than dk weight yarn on 4mm needles isn't good at the moment.
I am just doing a little every now and again but have decided to stop the A-Z challenge for now. I will still carry on at my own pace later in the year - after all I have more sock patterns queued now than I did when I started!


  1. I really feel for you. You are obviously a keen knitter. I recently discovered the meditative power of using those needles, the joy of handing the yarn, the love of colour and pattern afte 20 years of not knitting. I too work in the NHS and think you will return to your projects after a rest.

  2. How frustrating for you! RSI can be so painful. Hope it clears up very soon so that you can get back to your knitting.