Sunday, 16 September 2012

A bit of fun.

This didn't start out as a Pattern, but rather it was my solution to the perennial problem of wanting to knit a blanket in the round without having the fiddly start with small numbers of stitches on DPNs.

I wanted to knit a square blanket, but for reasons of portability I wanted to be able to knit it on circular needles rather than flat - also I can knit faster in the round and I was in a hurry. Normally with this type of construction you start off with a few stitches (say 8) divided over 3 or 4 DPNs and you knit into the front and back of each stitch for one round and then knit one round plain. Then you alternate an increase row with a plain row. To my mind this always means a fair bit of faffing around with DPNs - shuffling stitches around and adjusting until finally you can get the blessed thing off onto a circular needle and away you go. I'm not a fan of DPNs just in case you were in any doubt.

So I started off by knitting a plain garter stitch square and then picking up stitches around - ha - genius. Instantly enough stitches for a 60cm circular needle and no need for DPNs.


A few people asked me how I worked the increases so I wrote it up as a free pattern to download and have fun with. It is very adaptable - make it with any weight of yarn, either solid or stripes as the fancy takes you. You just knit until you run out of yarn (or out of patience).


download now
(if you like, obviously it isn't compulsory)

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