Sunday, 9 September 2012

Highly satisfying

It seems as though it was ages since I last finished something so it is with a great sense of satisfaction that I present my latest FO:


Admittedly, it is only a baby-sized hat but it represents my first forays into the joys of colourwork knitting. Inspired by this group on Ravelry to tackle new challenges head-on and based on advice from the group members, this baby hat pattern was suggested as a good place to start.

It proved to be a really enjoyable and addictive knit once I got into the rythmn of knitting with yarn in both hands. I was quite sad to cast off and am already looking for more colourwork patterns to stuff into my already full queue.


  1. Addictive, isn't it just? A hat in the round was my first Fair Isle project too, and there is something uniquely satisfying about knitting with two hands at once (well, we always knit with two hands, but you know what I mean). Glad you discovered the joys of it!

  2. Oh, and it looks lovely! Beautiful muted colours.

  3. Thank you - it was strangely addictive. Planning some colourwork mitts now too, now that autumn is approaching and the boy's rugby season has started!