Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Alive and kicking

I've been taking a little blog break over Christmas and New Year as I normally like to keep things here light and upbeat. Suffice to say that I was feeling a little below par and putting too much expectation on myself to achieve the 'perfect Christmas'. Something which I think we all have a tendancy to at that time of year.

We had a lovely (slightly scruffy) family Christmas and then took ourselves off for a completely spur of the moment holiday in the Lake District for new year which was fabulous and gave our collective batteries a much needed recharge. We did a little walking, but most unlike us, there was a fair amount of lounging around in PJs, watching films and generally just chilling. It was long overdue and did us all the power of good.

My little bloggy break also proved very productive - knitting-wise with several new sock designs fairly leaping off the needles. It must have been all that fresh Lakeland air.

I am taking part in the UK Sock Knitters Lunar KAL - the idea being that for each of the 13 lunar months there are three words which various cultures have attributed to that month. So for December we have - Winter Footsteps (for Winter Moon):


The pattern is being tested as we speak and I hope to be able to publish it early in February. In the meantime I am busy working on the next theme of Rowan. It is great to have a series of words with which to kick start my imagination and I am really enjoying it so far. My stash is also feeling the benefit as I have been rummaging and unearthing some half-forgotten skeins in search of the 'perfect' yarn.


  1. A surprise holiday, what a luxury, I'm jealous.

  2. It did feel like a great indulgence but I'm so glad we did it. I think it is probably the first time we have had a whole 2 weeks off together since the boys were born! It could become a family tradition I think.