Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Quick update

In true British fashion we will kick off the update meeting with 'Apologies for absence' and move swiftly on...

Suffice to say that my life is a lot like that variety act you used to see on TV where one poor soul tries to keep a succession of spinning plates in the air at once. No sooner do you get most of them spinning around nicely, than another poor forgotten plate at the end crashes to the ground. These days it seems that I can find time to knit, publish patterns, mother small boys, go to work, run a home, be a good wife and blog but not all at the same time (and not in that order I hasten to add).

Anyway, as spring seems to have forgotten about us in my little corner of Essex I have been ignoring all my WIPs and cheering myself up with some nice new projects:

First up is Olinda in some lovely Jarol Heritage dk yarn (Teal) for my delightful four year old red-headed niece. This is just her colour and I'm hoping she will get a lot of wear out of it when the warmer weather finally arrives.


Next up we have my Rowan Moon socks which knit up really quickly but seemed to take me forever to publish. The yarn is in the delicious 'Chocolate' colourway from the Knitting Goddess. I've tried many (many) sock yarns but I always come back to her fabulous superwash BFL sock yarn.


And finally, because I am an eternal optimist and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary I do firmly believe that Spring will soon be here, a sneak peak of my latest sock design:


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