Thursday, 28 March 2013

Anti-Winter Hat

For some weeks (months) now I have been wanting to knit myself a good warm chunky hat but didn't as I foolishly thought Spring would be just around the corner. In the end I snapped, and in the manner of always carrying an umbrella on a hot summer day (to ward off rain) I decided to go ahead and knit the chunky hat - thus neatly provoking the weather gods into giving us our Spring back.

I found this cute pattern on Ravelry - Chunky Dean Street Hat and I used some Sublime organic merino dk yarn (held double to give an approximate chunky weight)


Of course, I didn't stop to swatch or measure my head - being too busy beating those weather gods at their own game - so I made the M size which turned out to be too small for my larger-than-I-thought head.

Still, never mind. DS2 loves it and it might fit him for a few winters to come.

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