Sunday, 7 April 2013

The same... but different

It is truly amazing what a week away from the routine can do. We rent a cottage in the Lake District every Eastern and even though we are the same people and the basics of meals, laundry, tidying are the same somehow it is more relaxing, more serene and happier when we are there.
It could be the fact that genetically we respond better to a good dose of northern air, the fact that we are out of doors almost all day (how long can two small boys spend throwing stones into rivers - lots) and we all sleep better - and as we all know - a happy well-rested mummy makes for a happy household.
Either way, now we are home and I face the laundry mountain and the amount of Knitting that didn't get done on holiday, I have lots of happy memories.




In case you are wondering - the last one is of DS2 who is flying a kite on Middle Fell, Wasdale (approx 1800 feet of ascent). Poor mummy was recovering with a cup of coffee - DS1 and DS2 were capering about flying kites - oh to have 6-year old legs again :)

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