Friday, 19 April 2013

52 Weeks of happy

An easy post this week:

1. Spring has definitely arrived. Admittedly we have very strong winds - enough to simultaneously blow my skirt over my head and blow my scarf off (an Ishbel since you ask) whilst on the school run yesterday. This caused my children and the workmen opposite to fall about in equal amounts of hysterical laughter.

2. In honour of Spring I made a scrummy Tomato and Basil salad - no photos sadly as it didn't last long enough.

3.Listening to myself being featured on a podcast. The lovely ladies over at Twinset Designs Podcast, jan and Ellen, mentioned me in their 'Featured Designer' slot which I was hugely thrilled and excited about. I explained to the boys that mummy needed some quiet time to listen to a podcast because I was in it - so now they think I am famous :)

4.Getting my new sock pattern into testing after a bit of a hiatus.

5. Celebrating No.4 with a gratifying garter stitch project for me:

The Stripe Study Shawl.

I can't think why I haven't knit this before as I have admired it from afar for ages. I think I dithered over colour choices so much that eventually I got bored and wandered off to something brighter and shinier. But this time two skeins of yarn jumped out at me (almost literally as I am having a big stash reorganisation here) and I decided to combine some Trekking XXL in a rather sombre grey with some beautiful vibrant, sparkly teal yarn from the very talented dyer Sparkleduck.

I am about 9 repeats in now and am really loving the combination of yarn and pattern - a match made in heaven.


  1. Oh dear!
    Hope the skirt incident wasn't too embarrassing!

  2. Tried to maintain my dignity but I think I probably failed. Still at least I had my 'good knickers' on :)

  3. I am laughing clear across the pond about the windy incident!

  4. Note to self - must tie handknits on more securely when venturing out in wind. I was torn between grabbing my skirt, grabbing my scarf or keeping hold of DS2's hand next to a busy road. DS2 and the skirt won :)