Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Day Two: A Mascot Project

By an amazing co-incidence my latest sock design is based on a Bee-themed idea - that of Honeycomb. The intricacies of honeycomb have always fascinated me - how something so simple can be built together to make something beautifully complex.

I had been playing around with Honeycomb based patterns for a while and spending far too long creating mood boards:

Rummaging through some vintage stitch dictionaries I found an old stitch design based on a series of 2-stitch cables, which when interlocked together make an intricate-looking, but very simple Honeycomb design which seemed to lend itself well to my rules of sock knitting, namely:
1. It must be fun
2. It must be a simple pattern repeat (I am a 'bear of little brain') and need something I can easily pick up and put down
3. It should ideally be unisex as so many of my male family members are now addicted to handknit socks - talk about maing a rod for your own back :)

A bit of sock knitting later and we have...


 Honeycomb Cable socks, which are being test knitted as I type.

Fun to execute, mildly addictive, perfect for busy bees on the move...


  1. Thank you. Not quite sure about their unisex potential,but it could just be the pinkness :)

  2. Ooooohhh! I really like those socks, especially the heel. And I totally subscribe to your rules of sock knitting!

  3. I LOVE these socks... and they are grey. Please let me know when the pattern comes out.