Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Icon Update

Just a quick update on my Icon Dress.

It has been sadly neglected in recent weeks in favour of much sock knitting but I am making slow but steady progress.

The front is almost done. I have left the straps on waste yarn just in case I need to do some alteration to the fit before seaming. I'm not sure how low the neckline will be and I wanted to give myself the chance to adjust it slightly if needed.

The back is almost done too and I have just picked up my second -to-last ball of yarn (ball 11 from 13) so I easily have enough to finish - possibly with 1 whole skein leftover.

Perhaps it is the lack of sleeves, but I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly this has knitted up. It is my first time knitting a dress and I truely thought it would take much longer than it has. Still, musn't count my chickens too soon. It isn't finished until it is seamed, blocked and all the ends woven in - and heaven knows I can prevaricate for England when it comes to that.

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