Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Production line

The socks have been put aside this week in preparation for a class I am teaching this weekend. Designed for adventurous knitting beginners, this class aims to give people the skills they need to tackle their first garment - a baby cardigan knit seamlessly on circular needles.

A simple top-down raglan construction but with different increase options and tips and tricks to get a polished finish that any knitter would be pleased with.

I don't need to extoll the virtues of seamless knitting here I'm sure but it always amazes me how much books aimed at beginners focus on traditional seamed knits. I did the same when I was learning and must have spent longer trying to figure out how to set in a tiny sleeve than I did to knit the garment in the first place.

So much easier to knit a little raglan cardi or sweater, add a few buttons, weave in an end or two and ta-da

One baby sweater: 60g of dk yarn and I estimate about 3-4 hours of work (if that - I wasn't really timing myself - but it took two short evenings of TV knitting).

Now, one more sample to block and weave in the ends and I can get back to the socks :)

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