Sunday, 29 July 2012

Finally underway

2 Hexipuff's down and 15 more to go. Managed to do one whilst watching the opening ceremony with two over-excited small peeps. Had to stop at one though as I had a glass of fizzy stuff after they went to bed and as we all know - knitting and alcohol is a combination that often ends in tears (or frogging).

I also managed to make a start on my Hitchhiker scarf in some beautiful sock yarn from Solstice Yarns. It is slightly sparkly with beautiful shades of blue. Truely gorgeous to work with and I'm having a lot of fun with the pattern.
Looking at the 'Finish Line' for the 'Single Skein Sprint' on Ravelry though I am watching in awe as folks are churning out finished scarfs and shawls already. Such speedy knitting I can only dream of. Then again, with my two boys around I count myself lucky to grab half an hour or so to myself during their waking hours :)

Still, I will go for slow and steady rather than a full on sprint


  1. Hello! Lovely to see you back.
    I can't drink and knit, never works!
    Love the hitchhiker.

  2. Thank you - nice to be back. Have been following your blog closely and checking out some of your great projects.