Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sprinting for the line

I am pleased to announce that I have crossed the finish line for the Single Skein Sprint with the fabulous Hitchhiker scarf. I am baffled as to why I haven't made one of these before. The pattern is genius - simple, straightforward and practically zero waste. I think I had about 2 metres of yarn left over after I had cast off.


By the laws decreed by the Knitting Gods however, this lovely squishy, sparkly scarf is not destined for me but is to be a gift. Anything I plan to knit for myself inevitably ends in tears and recriminations at the minute, but knitting for other people is fine. I think it must be a curse.

But, no matter. I am determined to end up after the Ravellenics with a wearable garment for me. So I am off to WIP-wrestle with my much neglected Water and Stone cardigan and rescue it from my work basket.