Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not for the faint hearted

Apologies for the brightness of the latest FO on offer:


A bit of a departure from my usual colour palette but these were commissioned by a neighbour who has a love of all things Rastafarian.

My idle boast in the pub about being able to knit any colour of socks was nearly my undoing though - who knew how hard it was to find suitable clear, bright colours in a dk weight yarn, suitable for men's hard-wearing boot socks. I really wanted to have all the same yarns from the same range to try and avoid any problems with washing but it proved to be very difficult. Some of my old favourites just didn't have the right colours and finding a good green was a particular challenge but I got there in the end (almost). Patons Diploma Gold dk provided most of the colours needed in the end but my LYS didn't have their red in stock - but I think that the King Cole merino blend is a pretty good match and I was pleased with how they turned out.

In fact, I have enough of the colours left to do another pair - just as soon as I summon up the willpower.


  1. Lovely socks. How will they fare without the added nylon though?

  2. Good question, but I've knitted boot socks with the King Cole Merino dk before though and they have held up OK. I knit them at quite a tight gauge on 3mm or 2.75mm needles and that seems to create a good strong fabric.
    I have warned my neighbour though that they won't be as hard wearing as his Regia socks - which are pretty much bomb proof :)