Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back to business

Is there anything more depressing than returning to the old routine after a really relaxing holiday? There's nothing wrong with our house, our village or our life, but it is just in the wrong place - about 300 miles too far south to be precise.

Even my knitting is feeling a little dull, with the long slog through several pairs of Christmas socks starting to feel more like a marathon than a sprint.

Never mind - I sought consolation in some lovely Noro Kochoran bought from the incomparable Beckside Yarns, near Settle on the outskirts of the Lake District.

Now, I'm no stranger to the inside of a yarn shop, but this place took my breath away. I had no idea that there was so much Noro in existance, not to mention the full range of beautiful Araucania yarns and many, many others.

My OH took the boys to feed the ducks for 10mins but this barely gave me time to catch my breath (being somewhat overcome by yarn fumes). So in the end I made a couple of impulse purchasing decisions and left, promising myself another visit just as soon as I can manage it.

There was some Regia sock yarn as well, but this is half-way through becoming a pair of socks and is in the car at present.

Anyway, should you find yourself passing J36 of the M6 it is definitely worth a visit - just persuade your other half to look the other way :)

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