Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Holiday hiatus

Apologies for the temporary lapse in transmission - I've just returned from a short holiday in England's beautiful Lake District.
Had a wonderful time (as relaxing as it can be with two small boys), saw lots of sheep, did some knitting...

... and found the most amazing yarn shop. Yes...really.

Stay tuned - will post all the details of my stash enhancement just as soon as I emerge from a huge laundry mountain and find where I put the camera


  1. Wow! Stunning photo! Please do show us what you bought! And also where to find this amazing yarn shop. Always best to be prepared in case I find myself in the Lakes!

  2. Beckside Yarns is the store - truely amazing. It's is just outside the Lake District, near to Settle, but only about 15mins from the M6. I've never seen so much Noro in one place.