Wednesday, 30 September 2009

10 Balls of yarn…

…does not a sweater make!


Again, I have failed to engage brain when planning and starting a project. I seem to have this automatic assumption that 10 balls of yarn is enough (always) to make a sweater to fit my standard UK size 10 frame. So when I spotted a 10-ball pack of RYC Cashsoft aran going for a song on ebay, I snapped it up. I merrily cast on for the lovely Vine Yoke and knitted happily away. I have done the right front, right sleeve and proceeded happily around the back. Just about to start on the next sleeve I reach into my knitting bag for the next ball and …horrors…only 2 balls left!

At first I tried to accuse the cat of some yarn-pilferage (and we have also had some pretty huge spiders around, whom I was willing to consider as culprits) but then I had to face facts and realise that it's my own daft fault.

Reluctantly I checked the yardage on the pattern (some would say I should have done this some time ago) and sure enough – I am 2 balls short.

So, more yarn is on the way. Not a disaster but more of a 'duh' moment. I'd like to say that I'll learn from my mistakes…well maybe…

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