Monday, 7 September 2009

10 Reasons to knit a baby blanket

Life has seriously got in the way of knitting recently, and all I have felt able to manage has been the simple striped baby blanket I've been working on - nicknamed Munchkin.

The good news is that it is almost finished - and just needs a border added. I'll probably do a knitted-on i-cord but am currently being indecisive. Or maybe I'll do a little matching hat first - Hmmm- decisions...decisions....

10 Reasons to knit a baby blanket:

1. No need to worry about fit or size
2. It acts as a huge gauge swatch - ready for making cute matching items such as hats/booties
3. Regardless of parental style/preferences - almost everyone will find a use for a baby blanket
4. Likely to be used for a long time
5. Simple to knit but can be made as complicated as you like
6. Takes time to knit - this can be a good thing - quick knits aren't always the way to go
7. You can whip up a matching hat for extra pram-style
8. The baby won't grow out of it before you get a chance to wrap and deliver your gift
9. You can experiment with new yarn, stitch patterns etc
10. ...I'm sure I'll think of more later


  1. Looking great! I assume you have a baby in mind as the recipient!

  2. It's not for me I hasten to add - my two are lovely but I have no intention of adding to their number :)

    My sister is a childminder and said that she would like a couple of small blankets for when she is transporting her little 'clients' around -always happy to oblige by filling someone else's home with knitted items. She may even catch the knitting bug but I doubt it.