Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Keep it simple

For reasons that I can't imagine I have never knit a simple, plain sock...never. With my first sock I did a simple 2x2 rib as I was worried it wouldn't fit my foot and wanted to allow for plenty of stretch.

But this time (many pairs of socks later) my sister said she wanted some multi-coloured striped ones, and with some Regia sock yarn in my stash I was happy to oblige. But try as a I might, I couldn't find a simple stitch pattern that worked with such broad stripes - so a simple knit sock seemed to fit the bill.

Despite my misgivings that it would be the height of boredom it is actually quite soothing. The sock equivalent of the ubiqutious garter stitch blanket I suppose. maybe this will be the first of many...

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