Friday, 18 September 2009

The wonders of the Vine Yoke

I am currently working on my Vine Yoke cardigan from the wonderful Ysolda, after the long-awaited corrections have now been published.

All I can say is that no wonder the corrections took a while to come through - the maths involved in this wonderfully 3-D sweater are mind boggling. And I'm just glad that it wasn't my mind that had to get to grips with it. Heaven knows, I can barely figure out which angle to photograph it from!

It is a really interesting construction - knitted sideways in garter stitch with lots of short row shaping at the yoke. It is quite a challenge for me but (dare I say it) so far, so good. I am knitting it in some lovely RYC Cashsoft Aran which is lovely and squishy - I just hope that it grows a little in length with blocking (according to the pattern it should) as, at the moment it looks a bit on the short and squat side.

Still, it is enjoyable knitting all the same.

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  1. It looks great! I'm still deciding what size I should make :)