Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Will I ever learn?

Will I ever learn?....To put in a lifeline when working lace.

The short answer: probably not.

Why do we never listen to our inner voice? I am working on a secret project for a swap on the Phoenix knitting forum. I won't post details about the actual project just in case my swappee should comes across the site but I just had to get this off my chest.

The project is a simple lace one, nothing too complicated and lovely relaxing TV knitting. All was going swimmingly and I was well over halfway through. I paused in my knitting and spread it out to admire it, as you do.

"You should really put in a lifeline" piped up my little inner voice

"No need" I answered "It's an easy pattern"

"But it will only take 5 minutes" - the inner voice was starting to annoy me

"I don't have time, and anyway I'm not going to make a mistake" I replied

My inner voice knew when it was beaten and went off for a cup of tea, but has now returned triumphant as I have realised I made a mistake several rows down in the pattern.

My misguided attempt to botch a solution failed and so I ripped back a few rows to correct it. That still didn't work as my yarn-overs failed to match up - hands up who can see where this is going?

Yep - a frenzied ripping solution was the result and I am now the proud owner of ... a ball of yarn.

To give it credit, my inner voice hasn't said "I told you so" - yet.

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