Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Motivation for Christmas knitting is distinctly lacking I'm afraid. What is it about human nature that can turn an enjoyable knitting project into something that you avoid at all costs, just because you have labelled it a 'Christmas knit' and given it a deadline?

It's the same pair of socks as it was before. It's a pattern I quite like (not too boring, not too fancy) - Norfolk Ramblers; the yarn is a good dark shade of green and it should be progressing nicely.

Except that I find myself wanting to work on anything else, other than 'the christmas socks'. It doesn't help that I was desperate to cast on with the lovely Noro Kochoran which I bought recently.

I spent an indecent amount of time on Ravelry deciding how best to put this lovely yarn to good use, before deciding to cast on for a simple shawl and just accept that I may have to order an extra skein, if it comes up too small to be useful. The yarn is beautiful and the colours really remind me of my recent Lake District holiday. There is a lovely rusty-brown colour, reminiscent of bracken, merged with a smoky, cloudy grey lovely natural creamy-browns which keep reminding me of the smiley faces of Herdwick sheep.

The pattern is adapted from La-La's simple shawl and it's one of those very addictive knits you just don't want to put down.

So, for the moment I am compromising. My rule is that I must sit down and knit at least 1 pattern repeat of the socks before I can work on the shawl. So far so good...

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