Saturday, 31 October 2009


I finished my 'October' pair of socks, with a day to spare, ready to add to the Christmas pile. One down, three more pairs to go.

I was very pleased with the Norfolk Ramblers in the end, although I abandoned the heel flap stated in the pattern and did my own usual 'eye of partridge' simply because I was on holiday at the time and not in the mood to learn anything new.

Hopefully my mother-in-law will like them, and I'll earn some brownie points!

Next pair of socks on the needles claim to produce a pair of mens socks which fit like a glove. Quite a claim, and so I'm determined to try them our for my father-in-law who loves handknit socks but is quite particular about the fit.

It wasn't until I'd downloaded the pattern, found the yarn and cast on for the Oliver socks,
that I read the pattern properly (forward planning was never my strong suit) and realised that these toe-down socks start with 8 inches of ribbing....eeek!

Still, I will persist in my strategy of doing 1 inch of a Christmas sock first, followed by some fun knitting for me. Onwards and upwards.

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