Tuesday, 18 January 2011

B is for BFF socks

For my B socks of the A-Z KAL I have gone with the lovely BFF socks from Cookie A. I need some plain-ish man's socks for an impending birthday present and in a lovely muted pale grey yarn these will be perfect.
I decided to use the new Regia Extra Twist merino for these but, although the colour is lovely with a faint subtle colour variation, the yarn itself seems very splitty and I'm only on the cuff. This doesn't bode well for all those cables, particularly as I plan to do them without a cable needle.

Hmmm, this could be interesting


  1. Pfft! You'll be fine. Just don't try to cable splitty yarn after drinking alcamoholic beverages

  2. Good tip - I had a glass of wine after work last night when the peeps were in bed and rapidly concluded that this yarn and I get on a lot better in the cold light of day.