Sunday, 9 January 2011

Other NYRs

There are many (many) things I would like to change but as far as the knitting goes I have joined a slightly mad bunch of Raveler's on the UK sock knitters forum. The challenge? To knit the A-Z of socks during 2011. Every 2 weeks the goal is to cast on for a pair of socks starting at a pattern beginning with A and working your way through to Z. I must be mad to think I can generate that much knitting time, not without giving up the day job and sending the kids to live with my mum - but I love a challenge and I love socks. It also ties in nicely with my other knitting related NYR - to build up a gift box of lovely knitted items that can be whipped out at a moments notice for birthdays and other opportunities - as long as the recipient likes socks this plan will be perfect.

So, A for Angee is completed and I have a week to underake a small (non-sock) related project before casting on for B - probably the BFF socks as I have a bit of a Cookie A thing going on at the moment.

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