Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I have been fairly frugal recently with my yarn purchases. The weight of the stash has been bearing down on me and I've been feeling the urge to use up some of my lovely yarn, rather than squirrelling it away in the spare bedroom. It has been a very satisfying feeling to go for a rummage amongst the boxes and bags - not quite as organised as I would like I fear - and emerge, flushed but victorious, clutching a perfect skein or two for that next project.

But, the sock yarn stash was a little depleted and in a weak moment I treated myself to some new beauties:


From left, we have some beautiful SuperKnits Bessie sock yarn in the Your Woman (Green) and Silcone Heaven (Grey) colourways. I have been meaning to try this yarn every time I hear it mentioned on the A Playful Day podcast so I thought, why not?

Then we have some delicious yarn from Sparkleduck, first a skein of Galaxy in the Neptune colourway (a lovely blue-green) and then a skein of Spirit in the Duckwing colourway (a rich blue-purple)

The colours are fabulous and I am dying to see how they knit up. Just need to get some WIPs off the needles and I can dive in!

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