Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Happy Sight

As knitters we do our fair share of knitting for others, as well as ourselves. If you are anything like me you churn out the socks, scarves, hats, blankets and baby things for our nearest and dearest without a second thought, whilst that lovely cabled cardigan you picked out for yourself languishes in the WIPs basket. I always seem to be promising myself some selfish knitting time but there always seems to be a new baby arrival, or a birthday or a gift needed. Not that many of these are specific requests, but I always feel a sense of satisfaction at being able to whip out a woolly gift and see another little newborn head off into the world with a nice warm noggin.

Anyway, coming downstairs the other morning this wonderful sight made my knitterly heart sing:


Two small boys, sharing blankets, cuddlies and Saturday morning TV cartoons.

Please excuse the hurried, slightly shaky camera-phone pic. I kept out of sight whilst taking it as, if they had caught sight of me the spell would have been broken and I would have been inundated with requests for snacks, refereeing over minor disputes and ownership of the remote control.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful sight, indeed! And such great colors together. You should save this shot to inspire a Fair Isle cardigan (which can languish while you knit more for these two). :-)