Thursday, 23 July 2009

The C word

It's all about the crochet today - apologies to those of you hoping to read about knitting. All this listing of WIPs and stash sorting got rather depressing I'm afraid, and I wasn't in the mood to be sensible. This is supposed to be a fun hobby and I'm sure at some point I'll get all organised with my WIPs - just not today.

This sudden playfullness I can blame (at least in part) on the safe arrival of my mini-skeins of sock yarn from NDS. They are just gorgeous and I couldn't resist setting them all out on the floor and playing with them for a while.

In fact, they were so appealing, DS2 tried to snaffle some away:

It seemed a shame to unwind all the little skeins and turn them into balls but it was a strangely soothing way to spend an hour - whilst watching DS1 and DS2 play quietly together for a change (must have been the yarn fumes - as the Yarn Harlot would say).

Then, after they had gone to bed I sat down with the Posy CAL pattern again, and somehow this time it just 'clicked'.

Now, rather than looking strange and lumpy, my motifs look like the ones that others have made - yay!! Admittedly, it did help when I took a closer look at the pattern and realised that they should be 6-sided and not 5-sided.

Note to self: must read pattern properly, must read pattern properly...

Anyway, I really like the way this is progressing now. Not sure what it will be yet - I'm thinking along the lines of a scarf/stole type of thing, but we will see how far the yarn goes

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  1. Ooooooooooh I'm so tempted to join in with the Posy CAL! I'm just worried that my crocheting skills leave an awful lot to be desired! Love your shades of blue. My mini-skeins are all pinks.