Monday, 20 July 2009

Counting WIPs

I seem to veer from one extreme to another with my knitting. One minute, I seem to have loads of projects on the go, and then the next time I look they have dwindled away until I find myself at serious risk of having nothing OTN - horrors!

Then I get into an endless loop on Ravelry of browsing patterns, stalking patterns as made by others and trying to match them up with yarns already in my stash. It usually results in confusion and more stash enhancement to make something that I don't have the right yarn for already.

Must do better...

Step one is to list my WIPs:
1. Posy - crochet project. Currently stalled awaiting delivery of yummy mini-skeins from NDS. Yes I know that have loads of leftover sock yarn already but they were too good to resist.

2. Liesl - in gorgeous Manos silk blend. It's amazing how far two skeins stretches with this pattern. More on this later but it is such a quick knit that there can't be more than an hours knitting left in it - perhaps a good job as I need to wear it to a wedding this weekend.

3. Socks - as yet unspecified, but probably one of the patterns from Cookie A's Sock Innovations.

Maybe I should check my upstairs cupboard - Oh dear - there appear to be a few half-forgotten WIPs in there too:

4. Vivien hoodie - hmmmmm. Shoved away in a fit of temper after I completed the mammoth yoke and shoulder saddle rows only to find that due to a slight mis-calculation the hood was aligned somewhere over my right shoulder.

5. Boxleaf wrap - this is one of those patterns which you do in two halves and then graft them together. I steamed through the first half, cast off and guessed it moved on to something else. No excuse for this one, except lack of staying power.

OK - so technically I have 5 WIPs but none will satisfy my requirement for some low-concentration holiday knitting.

Step Two is to check the stash - but I need a coffee first - before I'm distracted by this lovely lot that arrived today (project unspecified - oops).


  1. you can NEVER have to many WIP'S or to big a stash :-)

  2. Very true. I read somewhere on a Ravelry thread of a woman who had got down to 'zero' stash and she posted pictures of these lonely storage baskets with nothing in them. She was thrilled at achieving her goal but it gave me the horrors!