Friday, 31 July 2009

Home sweet home

After a few days away for a family get-together it is lovely to come back home, even if we are surrounded by the special kind of mess that only two toddlers can create. The trip was a good break but made all the better by a trip to the most amazing LYS I have ever set foot in: Get Knitted, near Bristol is a knitters dream (and my OH's nightmare). With the aid of a female relative (who is a new knitter) we conspired to have a whole morning to ourselves to devote to yarn shopping and boy, did we have fun.

I was comparatively restrained you will be pleased to hear - mainly because in the pre-travelling rush I had managed to leave my handbag behind and had to borrow some money from OH. "How much would you like?" he says, opening his wallet. I was too embarassed to say how much I would really like to spend there, so I settled for a fairly modest £30 and even that made him blink!

Anyway, most of the fun was in the yarn stroking and getting the chance to examine at close quarters some yarns that I'd heard of but never seen - Koigu KPPM, Cascade 220, Fyberspates and Malabrigo to name just a few of the delights.

After much (much) deliberation I settled on two skeins of Blue Sky alapaca/silk and a wonderful skein of Malabrigo sock yarn

As far as my projects go, busy family gatherings weren't really conducive to much knitting, but I did start a garter stitch log cabin blanket for DS1 - hereby christened the everlasting LGP (log cabin project) because I think it is going to take from now until eternity to finish. On the plus side though, it will be something I can pick up and post down whilst DS1 and DS2 play - rather than resorting to something boring like housework - heaven forbid!

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  1. Ooooh lucky you! I'd love to go to Get Knitted! Maybe next year. I shall start scheming! I've joined the Posy CAL and am going to have a trial run at a single 'posy' this weekend! I just keep drooling over the mini-skeins!