Monday, 6 July 2009

Mission completed

Well, the socks are finished I am pleased to say. I can't believe that I got them made, blocked and in the post in the space of a week. The wonders of dk sock knitting - I may well be a convert.

As for other things on the needles - well in the current bout of hot weather even I have had to admit that knitting a lap blanket in Cashsoft Aran is not the best idea. It may well be a thing of beauty and the pattern, a work of genius but it is still too darn hot.

For a bit of light relief I dug out some Peaches & Creme from my stash and decided to do a few ballband dishcloths whilst watching the tennis.

I don't think I dropped too many stitches - although the mens final did turn out to be a bit of a nail-biter.

I recently bought the Mason-Dixon Knitting book and I have slowly been working my way through some of the patterns in there. I've knitted dishcloths before (yes, my OH does think I'm mad) but I'd never tried their ballband pattern before - think it may well be the first of many. The colours of Peaches & Creme are just so beautiful - my credit card is powerless to resist.

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